Our history:

Dive-Logs started in April 2003 on a diving trip to Bonaire. Our founder, Mike Fenney, was looking round for a business idea at the same time as his log book ran out. Not happy with the bulky log books and unimaginative refill pages available at the time, Mike developed his own set for the diving holiday.

The trip to Bonaire was a great holiday but also a good time to wonder about the potential market for a new log book system that was built around choice and good design coupled with direct selling on the web and top notch customer service (at the time Mike was employed by a large US based multi national company and had seen first hand the impact of both good and bad customer service!)

Work began feverishly on the first website and the first log book designs. Launched in July 2003, the range started with the standard, nature, and photo logs, in the Standard A5 size.

The rest of the year, was spent introducing new sizes such as our own compact binder, and personal organiser size, as well as the addition of a nitrox version.

The Dive-Logs binder which had been the basis of the design Mike created for his holiday was not able to be sourced from the manufacturer in sufficient quantities for the July launch, so this came in in August.

In november of 2003 we visited our first exhibition, the Birmingham Dive Show with 16,000 visitors. A very steep and exhausting learning curve about exhibiting but absolutely amazing when some of our early customers came up to us and said hello.

2004 was a year of new additions, with the logical side step into Log Book Stamps. We also took some great suggestions from the Birmingham dive show and developed the instructor range of logs. We were also contacted by a couple of active commercial divers who we worked with to create a complete IMCA replacement log book system.

Our one year anniversary saw the introduction of the starter packs, space pens, fish identification cards, and some scuba accessories. We also redesigned the website to make it more user friendly!

At the end of 2004 we started work on a new development that we had thought up right at the start but had never had the time to pursue: the Log Designer Service.

This is everything that Dive-Logs stands for: flexibility, choice, and value for money, all rolled up into a technically advanced website design. It took over 6 months IT development and painstaking drawing (over 800 different log designs had to be created and broken up to create the 10 million possible combinations).

Launched in march 2005, we thought this was a great product but weren't sure how people would take to it. Well, it seems we hit a nerve, as suddenly loads of people were designing their own logs and getting them custom printed. In the space of 2 years we have seen over 2500 different designs be made, all of them unique.

Alongside the Log Designer service we also launched ScubaTags, another great suggestion from one of our customers. Initially these were engraved with a computer controlled engraving machine that was so loud we had to use ear defenders to operate it!

We also took some time to visit California and exhibit at the Los Angeles Scuba Show in Long Beach. Very different to exhibiting in the UK, and this time we had a hello from our first ever US customer - a great moment!

Then in May of 2005, close to our 2 year anniversary, we started work on a side project that has become our pet child: Big Blue Planet. This is a free information resource for Scuba Divers on the web. It contains a database of all the different dive locations on the planet (well, a lot of them). We launched it with 250 different locations populated by us and then started asking people to join in and add their own experiences and data.

It has been astoundingly successful, with now over 650 different locations and thousands of fact based data reviews from hundreds of thousands of visitors. We play with it a lot and still have loads of ideas for it, but sometimes we have to focus on our day job!

The summer of 2005 saw us introduce the waterproof fish identification books, which you can take wth you in your BCD, as well as developing and getting made the worlds only universal card holder that will fit both 3 ring and 6 ring binders. Towards the end of the summer we also introduced our own version of the standard 3-ring binder which we made more compact and flexible than the black cordura binders you normally find in the shops.

Then at the end of 2005 we were amazed and honoured to be recognised for our innovation by winning a regional e-commerce award. Our novel use of web technology (in particular the log designer service) and the way that it ties the operations of the company together was recognised by the judges who awarded us first prize in the competition for best integrated business.

At the start of 2006, we developed an archive binder for our compact binder, and introduced the amazing Rite In The Rain paper across our entire range of logs.

Just some of our logos We then commisioned a new artist to massively increase the number of logos we have for our log book stamps.

Simon Cooke from the Cartoonery is an amazing artist with a wonderful sense of humour which easily comes across in his drawings. You will see over 200 of his designs in our log book stamps.

Alongside the drawings we also invested in a Laser engraving machine which has revolutionised both the log book stamp production and also allowed us to sell the noisy engraving machine for the ScubaTags! Once we realised what we could create with this we had to create a new ScubaTag designer on the website that gives total control over the design process to the customer.

As we approached our 3rd anniversary, we also introduced the Ergo dive slate range which includes the ability to get custom designs made. Then we introduced the personal organiser size into the Log Designer Service.

The latter half of 2006 saw the launch of a redesigned Big Blue Planet and the start of a huge piece of work in the shape of My Blue Planet, an interactive side to the website that includes such things as a free 5Mb photo gallery, and tracking of the locations you have dived around the world.

Now into 2007 and we started doing our fourth redesign of the Dive-Logs website. Every time we add a new innovative or personalised product or service we make it more complex, and this time it took us many months to complete. Along the way, we made it much simpler to check out and added new functionality to the ScubaTag designer. It launched close to our 4th anniversary.

At our fourth anniversary we had over 6000 customers in over 80 different countries around the world.

Looking forwards we have loads of new product ideas and extensions to the existing range which will make us a one-stop, friendly, place to buy your dive log needs. If you have any ideas please let us know!

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As I work in the industry, I'm always impressed with a web site that is well maintained and especially at the back office end when processing online purchases. A speedy service is even better.

I can say without a doubt that you provide a very good service. If I need other products that you provide I will certainly revisit dive-logs.com
Reg, Hampshire

Dive-Logs win in the
regional final of the
2005 eCommerce Awards!
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