Big Blue Planet:

In May of 2005, close to our 2 year anniversary, we started work on a side project that has become a big hobby: Big Blue Planet. This is a free information resource for Scuba Divers on the web.

It has been astoundingly successful, with now over 650 different locations and thousands of fact based data reviews from hundreds of thousands of visitors. Lots of easy and powerful search methods help you find locations. Each of the locations has loads of useful data.

Big Blue Planet is a free and open access resource that has got where it is through the help and involvment of thousands of divers around the world. They leave impartial reviews about their past diving holidays.

It also contains some cutting edge functionality to help you find out the info you really need when you go on your next holiday. It contains a database of all the temperatures in the world's oceans for each square kilometer, and knows them broken down by month.

This water temperature data is available on all the listing pages as handy graphs and even integrated into the google maps as a temperature overlay.

You can take Big Blue Planet further and become a My Blue Planet user. This gives you access to a free 5Mb photo gallery so you can share your photos, as well as allowing you to start tracking how prolific a diver you have been compared to all the other My Blue Planet users.

So, if you've never visited Big Blue Planet before, why not join in and help us create the worlds best Scuba Diving holiday resource. Visit Big Blue Planet here.

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Everything in my order was just great. I wanted to let you know (in case anyone else ever asks) that your binder is the same hole punch configuration as the SSI dive log pages ... which is just what I was looking for.
Donna, Ilinois

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