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If you have a website, and would like to help promote dive-logs, then you could join the Dive-Logs Affiliate program. Each new customer referral that results in an order will earn you a generous commission!

How does it work:

Step 1:

Simply register below as a new Affiliate.
Registration is simple and quick - and you will get a unique referral code to use on your website.

Step 2:

Create a prominent link on your website to Dive-Logs.
To get the most from the program, make sure it is relevant to your visitors and easily visible.

Step 3:

Tell us you are ready to start.
We will check that your link works and that you will receive recognition for visitors that you send to us. We will then activate your account and each referral that results in a new customer will earn you a massive 10% commission of the first order value! As an example, if the customer places a first order of £50 then you will receive £5 added to your commission balance!

Step 4:

Receive your payments.
You will be able to access your own stats page on Dive-Logs to see how your web link is performing and the state of your commission balance. You can receive the money as a Paypal transfer or even choose to use the money to pay for goods on the Dive-Logs store.

If you are already a member, then you can log onto your stats and balance page here:

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If you would like to become a member, it is really simple, just tell us your email name and we will send you a welcome email with your logon details and helpful hints to get started:

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Please note that we never send out SPAM.
The above email will only be used for communication regarding your referral account.
More information about the program and it's terms and conditions:

The Dive-Logs affiliate program is a web based referral system that allows you to place a banner or link on your website that helps visitors to your site learn about Dive-Logs. To thank you for your support, any referrals that result in orders being placed by a new customer will earn you a 10% commision of the first orders total value.

We do all we can to ensure that you are recognised for the customers you refer. If a customer enters from your site and then goes away before deciding to come back to make a purchase (even if they do not come from you the second time) we should still recognise them as coming from you. However, this is dependent upon your visitors having the correct browser settings and so we cannot guarantee that this will always happen.

As this is a web based system we cannot recognise referrals for orders placed by the phone.

If you are comfortable with HTML programing and website design then you can create any kind of link, banner or image you choose so long as it has the correctly formatted link ID embedded in it - without this we cannot know that the customer has come from your site. If you are not comfortable with programming we provide a range of pre-designed buttons or code snippets that you can simply cut and paste into your website.

By joining this program, you agree that you will not use the link for your own Dive-Logs orders.

Before you can receive commissions from referrals we need to activate your account. We do this after you have put the link onto your website and told us about it. We will test the link within 24 hours and ensure it is working correctly and then activate your account. Simply send us an email to let us know it is ready for testing.

Each time a new customer you have refered places their first order, your commission balance will increase by 10% of the total order value. At any time you can log onto your own special Affiliate stats page to see how your balance is doing and how many visitors you have refered. To receive payment, we offer three ways:

We can transfer your outstanding balance to your nominated Paypal account.
If you are based in the UK, we can send you a stirling cheque.
If you wish to buy some Dive-Logs products, we can transfer your balance to a special gift certificate which can then be used on the Dive-Logs store to reduce the amount you pay.

We will transfer your balance at any time but would ask that you transfer at least £10 (approx. €15 or $18) at any one time - this keeps the transfer charges down.

By using your stats page you can see how your Affiliate program is performing and can make improvements to generate greater referrals. We have found that relevance and quality of content are the most important things that web browsers respond to. If you have a SCUBA site then a prominent link to Dive-Logs could work well, however, if you have a non-diving site your return is likely to be less.

Finally, you agree that we have no control over how you link to us and so you agree to hold us harmless against any claims by third parties arising from your use of the banner, button, or links. You also agree that web sites do occasionally go off-line (although we tend not to!) and we cannot be held financially responsible in any way for technical problems including non-availability of the site resulting in the loss of sales and commission from the website for that period.

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My dive log and name tags arrived today and I must say they are brilliant. The quality is superb. I have been diving for ten years and can be hard to please with dive accesories!!

Also, your speed of delivery is impressive. Will come back to you for more bits and pieces in the future.
Mike, East Sussex

Dive-Logs win in the
regional final of the
2005 eCommerce Awards!
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